who we are

Beskare Logistics

Beskare Logistics is one of the world’s providers of logistics solutions which was established in 2012, combining intercontinental air freight and ocean freight with comprehensive value-added services such as customs brokerage, inland transportation, warehousing, packaging, and others.

Professional Management

From the basis of in-depth industry knowledge, professional management and a stable IT system, we could study and develop solutions for the logistical requirements of its customers.

Services Worldwide

Thanks to its global network, Beskare Logistics could provide tailor-made door-to-door services worldwide.

Registered Trademark

Beskare Logistics is a trademark legally registered under and belonging to the below company

Reach Your Destination 100% Sure And Safe

We will take care of your cargo or your passenger and deliver them safe and on time
Why Choose 

Favorable payment terms

We provide each customer with favorable freight payment.

We'll consider each delivery route to adjust an estimate according to the load and delivery time.

Customer service

When choosing the best transportation method, we consider all customer's requirements and expectations as well as special conditions.

We offer convenient and money-saving delivery methods for each project.

Logistic services package

We offer a full range of services that are associated with cargo transportation.

We provide consulting, insurance, and customs brokerage services in freight forwarding.

Quality & Guarantees

For the purpose of high-quality freight services, we use appropriately qualified vehicles that comply with the regulations in force.

The Beskare team comprises experienced professionals with relevant education who have worked in the freight business for many years.

Our  logo

The logo is designed from the idea of “best care”, in which t and c are combined to “k” and stylized to a man picture “” with his hand put up expressing care and respect to our customers.

Core   value


“Performance” is not only the result but also progress, we care for what our customers get and more important how they get it. We believe excellent performance could differentiate us from our competitors.
We handle queries in a timely manner
We supply sufficient and accurate information
We listen to present demands, discover potential needs, and make every effort to satisfy them


In dealing with partners, customers or staff, what solutions we work out and what actions we perform are always ruled by a deeply-rooted sense of integrity and honesty. We believe it is the core of doing business and the way how we relate to one another.


We are not only aware of responsibilities to our customers, but also to our staff, partner and extensively social community. This is a fundamental element to maintain our sustainable development, reflecting our prominent operation philosophy.

Ethics & Compliance

We respect international regulations, national laws, and internal company policies.
We only commit to what is within our ability and expected to deliver.
We build a set of guiding principles on behaviors and values that govern our business environment.


A Free Consultation

Thousands of projects have made our company a leader in construction area. We stand behind our promise to deliver timely and quality service.

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