Ocean Freight

Lower cost, more loading space, easier processing and diversifier of goods such as oversized, heavy and bulky cargo capability

Despite volatile market conditions in container freight forwarding, Beskare Logistics offers you a dependable service. We nurture our relationships with our carriers and negotiate continuously on market-based rates and availability of space. As a result, our customers receive the best possible sea freight service, costs saving and don’t have to worry about the market situation.

Types of ocean freight :

FCL (Full container load)

Dry Container

Dry containers can carry most types of dry cargo such as boxes, pallets, sacks, barrels, etc. It can be customized on the inside to carry a specific variety of goods.

Reefer Container

Reefer containers are used to move temperature-sensitive goods that need to be maintained to protect their freshness at a certain temperature between -30°C and +30°C such as fruits, vegetables, ice cream, drugs, or meat.

Special Container

Using special containers can safely transport products of oversized, extra long, heavy, breakbulk loads such as machinery, equipment, spare parts, tools, and mobile systems to any destination.

LCL (Less than container load):

LCL is basically container-sharing. Individual shipments are combined to make up a Full Container Load. If you are a small or midsize business that doesn’t have enough goods to fill an entire container, LCL is the perfect shipping option.

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